John W. Parks IV, D.M.A.
The Florida State University College of Music
Tallahassee, Florida USA
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Welcome to my website!  You can check back for news and other interesting items about percussion, music, audio/video, and lots of other topics. Also be sure to visit the all of the satellites on the right (the new Garnet House Productions site, SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, etc.)  for sights and sounds!
Upcoming Events Fall 2015
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Eastern Music Festival Jun. 27-Aug. 1
Thomas Burritt Recording Aug. 10-16
Jauvon Gilliam Week Sept. 7-12
Deborah Bish Recording Sept. 14-20
Eastman Future Faculty Initiative Oct. 2
Cynthia Yeh Week Oct. 11-14
Eric Hollenbeck Recording Oct. 16-18
Jake Nissly Week Oct. 20-25
Mike Burritt Week Nov. 2-8

You can email me anytime by clicking on the Seminole link below, and be sure to check out these other Parks-related sites!

Professor of Percussion
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