John W. Parks IV, D.M.A.
The Florida State University College of Music
Tallahassee, Florida USA
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Instruments / Gear / Fun Stuff
I play Malletech keyboard instruments and use Malletech mallets and sticks, Zildjian cymbals, Black Swamp Percussion tambourines and triangles, and Remo drum heads.  Exclusively.  I am truly fortunate to work with these companies as an Artist/Endorser, having some of the relationships intact for fifteen years.  Here is a brief overview of our gear offerings at FSU.

We have  a brand-new Malletech MJB 5.0 marimba, four Adams Custom Classic 5.0 marimbas, two Marimba One 5.0 marimbas, 4.6 and 4.3 rebuilt Marimba Ones, numerous Musser M250 and vintage Deagan 4.0 marimbas, three Adams 4.0 xylophones, two Deagan vintage xylophones, two sets of Adams Parsifal bells, three Deagan glockenspiels, an extended-range wide-bar Fall Creek glockenspiel, two sets of Adams chimes, a set of Adams extended  bass chimes, two sets of Deagan chimes and a set of Musser chimes, Adams, Yamaha, Musser and Deagan vibraphones, plus multiple high and low octaves of Zildjian crotales.

Drums and Gongs
Four sets of Walter Light Mark XIV drums, two sets of Adams Dresden Classics and a set of Ludwig Symphonics, two Adams African Mahogany Bass Drums, two Ludwig bass drums, three vintage Ludwig bass drums, six sets of concert toms, snare drums of every make and model, four Pearl drum sets, hardware and specialty drums (field drums, log drums)/Latin Percussion, accessories/almglocken, pipes, wine glasses, wind machines, bell trees, Wuhan, Zildjian and Paiste gongs/tam tams and a marching machine round out our collection.

Cymbals / Drum Heads / Accessories / Implements
My personal cymbals include 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 22" Zildjian Classic Orchestrals, 16" K Constantinople Vintage, 17 and 18" K Symphonic Brilliants, and 20" K Constantinople Medium lights, along with tons of drum set cymbals--mostly Ks and K Hybrids with some A and EFX cymbals for colors.  I use Remo Pinstripes on my Custom FSU Sparkle Pearl Reference Pure drum set toms (unless I'm playing jazz, then coated Diplomats), Diplomat M5 on my drum set snare drum, Powerstroke 3 on kick.  Remo Skyntones on my snare drums, Fiberskyn and calf on all concert bass drums, Renaissance or Hazy film on all timpani, Renaissance or clear Ambassador on all concert toms.  The BSP TD-3 German Silver is my clinic and go-to instrument for clinics and orchestral playing, and I use and an assortment of BSP triangles and Stoessel beaters. 
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